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WildBerry Punch Tea-Pop, quick brew gourmet tea (8 pack tray)

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- WildBerry Punch Tea-Pop.

- 8x tube per case.

- with tire-out display tray.


Tea-Pop is the natural extraction of tea leaves/fruits/flowers and spices in all their goodness formed into an individual crystal pop that dissolves when you add hot water.

Each tea-pop is made from carefully selected fresh ingredients where possible, and handcrafted to provide the best balance for health and wellness – all with a great taste. 


Tea-Pop are crystallised tea and is rich in mineral, vitamins and antioxidants.


All Tea-Pop are made from plant base ingredients.

Nut Free

Made in nut free environment


Spend £10 or more for free shing (U.K.) and $40 for North America customers.