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Nettle Detox Tea-Pop; Gut Health & Wellness Booster - Caffeine Free

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Revitalise Your Health with our Nettle Detox Tea-Pop. A powerhouse of nutrition, our tea is crafted from the leaves and root of the stinging nettle, renowned for its ability to reduce inflammation, support prostate health, alleviate hay fever, lower blood pressure, and stabilise blood sugar levels.
  • Enjoy the lush, full-bodied taste of 100% natural tea, high in antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Each Tea-Pop is to ensure the perfect wellness cuppa, without any caffeine or gluten.
  • With 8 Tea-Pops per tube , experience convenience without compromising on taste or health benefits.
  • Perfect for a hassle-free, flavourful tea experience at home, work, or on-the-go.
  • Our Nettle Detox Tea-Pop is your daily wellness ally, designed to fit into any lifestyle.


Tea-Pop is the natural extraction of tea leaves/fruits/flowers and spices in all their goodness formed into an individual crystal pop that dissolves when you add hot water.

Each tea-pop is made from carefully selected fresh ingredients where possible, and handcrafted to provide the best balance for health and wellness – all with a great taste. 


Tea-Pop are crystallised tea and is rich in mineral, vitamins and antioxidants.


All Tea-Pop are made from plant base ingredients.

Nut Free

Made in nut free environment


Spend £10 or more for free shing (U.K.) and $40 for North America customers.