Tasty Tea Gifts for All Tea Lovers

Tasty Tea Gifts for All Tea Lovers

This Christmas explore new ways to enjoy tea. Tea is one our favourite drink globally. 

It's one of the oldest herbal drinks around, dating as far back as 2737 BCE in ancient China, and has been the drink of choice throughout history for everyone from royal families to dignitaries, and of course, the common people.

This Christmas we have launched our luxury tea gift box for the tea lovers out there. 

It includes 6 of our most popular blends such as WildBerry Punch,  Jasmine Green Tea, Royal Earl grey, Peppermint, Old English Breakfast and our much love Lemon & Ginger Punch. No matter where you (or the tea lover in your life) fall on the scale for the love of tea, this elegant gift box set is packed full of tasty blends to explore or makes for great presents this Christmas.

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