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9 Benefits of Peppermint Tea and Extracts

Peppermint leaves contain several essential oils including menthol, menthone and limonene. Menthol gives peppermint its cooling properties and recognizably minty scent. While peppermint tea is often drunk for its flavor, it may also have several health benefits. The tea itself has rarely been studied scientifically, but peppermint extracts have. Here are 9 benefits of peppermint tea and extracts. 1. May Ease Digestive Upsets Peppermint oil has been shown to relax muscles in your digestive system and improve various digestive symptoms. Therefore, peppermint tea may provide similar benefits. 2. May Help Relieve Tension Headaches and Migraines. While no evidence exists that peppermint tea improves headache symptoms, research suggests that peppermint oil reduces tension headaches and migraines.   3. May Freshen Your Breath...

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New Packaging for Lemon Ginger Tea-Pops.

What is lemon ginger tea? Ginger tea is made by infusing fresh ginger and lemon blend, allowing the oils of the ginger and lemon to infuse into a cold brew before we extract the natural minerals. Ginger tea has a warming, slightly spicy taste. What are the 6 main health benefits of lemon ginger tea? 1. May help to ease digestive discomfort Ginger tea is probably most well-known for its potential to soothe digestive issues, and in particular for helping ease nausea, One study even suggests it may be just as effective as some medications, but with fewer side effects, in the case of morning sickness. 2. Anti-inflammatory Ginger contains key phytonutrients known as gingerols, and research has shown that these can...

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Darjeeling, Now available!

Darjeeling tea is made from the Chinese variety of the tea plant Camellia sinensis. It is a thin, light-colored tea with a floral aroma. The tea plant, like most plants, goes through periods of growth and periods of dormancy. Each flush is a period that starts when the tea plant grows new leaves and ends when those leaves are harvested.  3 Health Benefits of Darjeeling Tea: High in Antioxidants Darjeeling tea is rich in antioxidants, which are known to combat free radicals in the body, neutralize chemicals during digestion, and eliminate toxins. Provides Hydration A cup of tea provides useful hydration to the body and helps combat dehydration. Reduces Stress Darjeeling tea helps the body regulate the production of cortisol,...

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