New product Announcment

New product Announcment

Tea-Pop Announces a Unique and Exciting Way to Make and Enjoy Tea. Tea-Pop, an innovative and exciting UK-based gourmet tea brand, has recently launched its new range of Tea-Pop Tea-Pop brings a unique brewing experience to tea lovers everywhere with its all-natural, mineral-rich, and easily made drinks. According to Tea-Pop, their new products aren't just delicious, they are good for inner bodily health, too. 

The new Tea-Pop range is made from 100% natural extracts from tea leaves, fruits, plants and herbs and is available on Tea-Pop carefully crystallises its tea products‚Äô extracts into novelty shapes and offers them on a stick for easy, fun, and convenient stirring. As the customer stirs Tea-Pop into hot water, the tea blend dissolves in seconds to create a delicious gourmet brew. Tea-Pop products are also free from the dust, dirt and fertiliser found in some leaf tea products and provide a pure and refreshing tea experience. 

Each Tea-Pop is packed with antioxidants, polyphenols, thiamine, vitamins C and B, and essential minerals that are proven to promote inner bodily health. And because Tea-Pop is so simple to use, it's easier than ever for tea lovers to enjoy the health benefits this tea drink has to offer. 

Tea-Pop is the result of a collaboration with Chester University. Tea-Pop wanted to create the ultimate tea experience, providing people with a quick, easy and fun way to make their favourite brew and enjoy better bodily health. The revolutionary tea sticks are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and are a convenient alternative to using tea bags or tea leaves. Tea-Pop tea sticks are available in a wide selection of flavours, including:

  • Classic Earl Grey
  • Detox Stinging Nettle Tea
  • Fruit Tea WildBerry punch
  • Herbal tea made from fresh Lemon and Ginger


A Tea-Pop customer who purchased the product through says, "I had never seen anything like this before. The recipient loved them, as well. I would definitely purchase again." 

Another customer through had this to say, "Excellent product — very unique and the perfect gift for a tea lover! Ordered for a friend's birthday and they loved it. Would order again!"

Tea-Pop's environmental mission was to find a way to make a tea that was better for the planet without compromising on flavour or aroma. Unlike some tea bags that are not biodegradable, Tea-Pops completely dissolve in water, and the stick is recyclable, too. Tea-Pop sells all its products in paper or cardboard packaging and can ship them worldwide. 

Tea-Pop sells its tea-on-a-stick products in packs of six or 10 and offers a gift box containing an assortment of Tea-Pop flavours. Each stick features a novelty shape, including hearts, flowers and stars. They come individually wrapped to ensure freshness, and customers can use them at home, in the office or on the go using a flask. Unlike tea bags that require the bag to be steeped in water to achieve the desired strength, Tea-Pop crystallised tea sticks dissolve within seconds of being stirred into hot water. 

People interested in purchasing Tea-Pop products can do so by visiting Delivery is free with every order over £10 (UK Only)

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